Bringing New Puppy to Your Home: Steps to Prepare for It

Short coated tan and black puppy close-up

Bringing a new puppy to your home has always been an exciting game. But if you are not prepared at all, it can be stressful eventually. Be it arranging all the essentials for your pet or making your house puppy proof; it gets overwhelming easily for anyone with all these responsibilities to make the transition of the puppy smooth and easy.

It is also understandable that many people forget about different steps in the anticipation and excitement of having a new member in the home. But, not to worry, as you need to invest some moments to read the post, and you will be pro in managing your puppy. Here you will have all the necessary steps to follow in order to welcome a new puppy to your home.

Get Your Puppy Familiar With the Grooming Process

Right after the moment you have your puppy in the house, it is important to start getting your pet groomed, and the sooner it is, the better it will be. Make sure to get them familiar with the schedule of nail trims and baths. This will eliminate the unwanted stress as they get older. Also, a puppy with a good smell is always a great bonus.

Get a Home Tour

Once the puppy is inside, make sure to keep him/her on the leash and then give a house tour. Never let the puppy wander around or sniff things. Make use of the leash to keep your puppy by your side and spend some time before you move out to the next.

 The dog owner should enter the room first and then the puppy. It is because every door sets an opportunity to create your leadership. You will go first – always, the dog will wait for the invitation to enter or to exit.

There Should Be a Dedicated Space for Your Puppy

You can start with creating training immediately once you have the puppy in your home. You need to give your puppy a safe space, happy place or home base. Take the puppy to the care room and also to the designated potty spot in the backyard. You can also have rewards loaded and ready in the treat to reward the puppy for using the potty spot. The puppy should feel comfortable enough while in the crate as well as in other parts of the house.

Take Care of the Puppy’s Safety

Caring for the puppy is one thing but looking after the safety aspect of the puppy is completely another aspect. You must act promptly when it comes to ensuring the safety to your puppy. Get your puppy with a collar along with the name tag and contact number. This will help you to track him easily in case your puppy goes missing.

Try getting pictures of your puppy regularly and saving them in your phone or computer. You can also install an electric dog fence in your garden area or yard to ensure that the puppy does not go distant. Underground or invisible fences will also ensure that the puppy is safe from unwanted threats.

You Can Also Hire Good Trainer or Enroll for Classes

Classes or sessions that emphasize group obedience are great to form a bond with your new dog. It also paves the way to learn how to communicate with them and train them accordingly. These sessions are highly effective for young puppies. It is because the sessions enable puppies to get comfortable as they spend time around other canines and people – this has been a key to raising your puppy safe and making him friendly.

It is quite unregulated when it comes to dog training, and anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Thus, you must do some research to ensure that you have the right trainer for your puppy.

Find the Best Vet

A visit to a veterinarian is very crucial for your puppy’s wellbeing. Make sure that your puppy’s first visit to a vet should be pleasant to imbibe the importance of taking trips to a vet in stride. You can ask for some referrals or plan for a personal visit to ensure that you have access to the best vet for your puppy in your area.

The first week of your puppy will be an adjustment for both of you. But following the tips, you will be able to make the transition easier. Please share your own experience of how you managed to welcome your puppy in your house below in the comment section.

Photo by Hannah Grace on Unsplash.